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project study

Design and construction of biogas plants with nopales, production of prickly pear flour, vermiculture with cacti and processing for the production of protein concentrates. Selection of high-performance cactus plants. Design of process lines for dehydration and cooking of food with biogas.


Training of personnel in the processing plant, power generation, food processing. Installation of equipment, purifiers, compressors, anaerobic reactors, wastewater treatment. Informative technological talks, design of strategic development plans for communities and companies.

high-yield crops

Integration of high-yield crops, germination, multiplication and development of crops. Agricultural soil improvement, fertilization, technical irrigation

technical support

Selection of prickly pear for the production of biomass, food and energy. Germination of seeds, installation of greenhouses, preparation of cultivation beds. Nopal plantation. Multiplications and nutrition of crops, mechanization of processes. Commissioning of projects.

installation of equipment

Design and installation of biogas in equipment for industrial use. Modifications of boilers and direct combustion equipment for the use of biogas. Each project is particular and there may be restrictions in the legislation of each country.

high yield seeds

We have high-performance prickly pear seeds developed by genetic selection to obtain large volumes of biomass, usable in energy and food production.